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At Blazing Systems we practice “human-centric” technology.  We design and develop web-based technology that starts and ends with human interface as the priority. Our clients start with ideas about what they want to communicate and achieve with their website—They know the people-oriented requirements, and it’s our job to help translate those requirements into a functioning technical product . To do this successsfully, we need to listen and then translate into what is possible.  One of our first goals with each new client is to de-mystify technology, to simplify it, so that clients can decide which options are best for them.  Too many technology companies  take a product-centric approach, and seek to inflict pre-conceived technical solutions on people.   We make technology more human,and that starts a process that results in websites that people  like—they get a site that is more what they want, they are more a part of the design process.This is important, because they know what will connect and work best with their customers.

 Friendly and Honest

We recently completed a new website for a client that demonstrates how the human factor works. EP Energy Solutions president, W. David Wallace, worked with us to design a website that speaks to his customers and prospective customers in ways which he knows are most effective.   As you can see immediately when you visit the site,, you are greeted by afriendly photo of David that introduces him and personalizes the content.The photo is casual and candid–not formal and photo-shopped—-friendly and honest.   He knew that people are most interested in, and would look at, videos and high-impact graphics.  He wanted the site to convey the core values of friendly honesty.
IN web design personal values can be communicated as much by what you don’t do, as what you do.  So, the overall design is clean, uncluttered, and easy to read and navigate—friendly and honest.  There are no pop-ups or gadgets or noise-makers—no banner ads or whirling graphics or pretentious energy techno-babble articles
Instead, the whole right side of the index page is devoted to video streaming and some nifty heat map images of heat escaping  areas that most people have in their homes.   The website development process took David’s vision of what will work best for his folks,  and  built technology that delivers that vision to people who visit the site.  From one person’s vision to multiple persons viewing,  web-based technology works efficiently for people when you use  a human-centric  methodology.