BParadoxically, the pinnacle of technology development–the   Worldwide Web–has provided us with the most personalized communication medium ever.   The success of Facebook, Twitter, and other social sites , show just how personal the Web has become.


Personal  now includes pictures of you, your family, and your friends, and everybody’s puppies and kittens., Personal also includes your innermost profound thoughts (in 140 characters).  Every day, we all can now have an experience  equivalent to what it used to be like to get your picture or name in the newspaper; but now many more millions can see it,   and the image will endure–not expire, like yesterday’s newspaper. We’ve become used to seeing real people,–personalized  up-to-date images–served up with our daily information bits.  The cold, hard , cerebral technology of processing zeroes and ones has given us  the warmest and fuzziest format to express ourselves—-an interesting paradox; but the question becomes:  How do we best use this technical art form?


WordPress Platform Provides the Freedom to Express Yourself

WordPress website themes provide just the right amount of standardized features and open space to create sites that fully communicate individual attributes and features.  The layout and format of WordPress sites provide the most effective size and location relations and ratios of images to content, and  a clean and clear platform to create customized content.  The custom content could–and should– include a blog with more than 140 characters of your own thoughts, and images that you choose to display that particular day.


This results in websites that express the uniqueness of the persons or enterprises that are the subject of the site.   WordPress themed sites  live up to  today’s demand for personalized technology.  The look and feel of WordPress sites provide maximum freedom of expression, while the Open Source  architecture  and structure of the site provide maximum stability and security. Blazing Systems LLC designs, develops, hosts, and maintains WordPress websites for clients who want to  express themselves most effectively.