Brain Cells Aren’t that Great

All the texts on the subject sing the praises of the wonderful brain and how it works.  For example,here’s  an excerpt from Living with Stroke, by RichardC. Senelick, MD:  “The brain is bursting with energy.  It consists of billions of nerve cells called neurons.  Despite its lumpy appearance, the brain is very active and very well organized –and in touch with all its “employees.”


Brain cells are control freaks

–Nothing happens until they say so.  You don’t blink, or scratch, or wave, without the brain cells responsible for blinking, scratching , and waving , saying so.  Specific instruction has to come from the brain cells, or nothing will happen. There is no auto pilot or default.

Brain Cells are always hungry


Brain cells, like vampires, have an insatiable appetite for rich, red blood. They need the oxygen and nutrients that come with blood pumped fresh from the lungs.They use about 20″% of the total blood supply in the body.  If something interrupts the supply of fresh blood to these brain cells–which is what happens during a stroke—they just stop sending any electronic messages, and then just give up and die!  ‘OH, boo-hoo, lunch is late,so let’s just paralyze his arm and leg,and then go dark forever.’  Not very effective behavior  for such high-powered , supposedly smart cells.     If this is how our best and brightest behave, it’s no wonder so many guys get themselves in trouble when they start listening to the cells in that other “brain.

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