Chicken or Egg?

Marketing a service is different from marketing a product.  A product can be demo’d, it is tangible.  Service is a promise to deliver, an intangible.

Service companies can demonstrate how many trained people, how quickly they respond, how long it takes on average for them to fix the problem, how often you’ll need help per year…but, service is manufactured daily in front of the customer.

We recently needed to develop a marketing collateral piece, requiring content and images.  Which comes first, the content (message) or the image(s)?   What’s the “best practice” for the creative process?

In this case, we started with an image, and that led to the content:

This is Chloe, a developer-in-training, staring out the window in the office this winter.

Looking at this picture generated the idea for the content:  She’s watching traffic go by.  Some small businesses are watching the internet traffic go by, rather than participating and getting their share.  So the content line became, “Just Watching the Internet Traffic Go By?”

Check out the postcard that was created on our website.

When it comes to the question of which comes first, with image & content it’s the same as with the chicken & egg–It doesn’t matter, as long as you get one or the other to start.

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