Net Neutrality May Survive

In a May 2014 posting we reported that the Chairman of the FCC, former Comcast lobbyist Tom Wheeler, was going to end net neutrality, and allow ISPs to treat different net content providers differently  and to charge them different rates—-essentially allowing providers to buy their way into premium “fast lanes  of service.  This would have a chilling, if not deadly, impact on the diversity of content and innovation of new content.

Today, President Obama urged obama-nret neutralitythe FCC to implement the “strongest  possible rules” to protect a free and open Internet.”   Perhaps his work this week with China on their closed Internet problem  inspired him to make sure that our freedom to produce and distribute content on the Web is maintained and protected.


Hopefully, this important part of our Freedom of Information will not become a partisan political football





Bill Patch 12/1/2014

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