Silent EXPLOSION…More stroke notes

I’ve been hit hard–concussed–playing rugby; and I’ve been in serious car accidents.  I was in all cases aware that a major event was happening.  I braced for some pain, and it came.With stroke, I woke up, and it had happened.It was like an explosion went off in my head while I wasn’t looking, blowing away most of the furniture in the room, and blowing the windows out, but there was no noise,no big blast.  They say that denial is one of the typical symptoms of a right-side stroke, and I can see why. —Except for the damage, it’s hard to understand that something huge and devastating happened.Then, as you gradually learn what occurred, and you come to understand how serious and long-term a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is, it floors you.  Goodbye, denial!

Most of the damage occurred for me while I was unconscious.  It started with a drfting off—the sensation of falling into an abyss–on the left side; and then I remember lying on the floor, flopping around like a fish on a dock, my left arm like a stubby flipper, unable to sit up.The effects are long-lasting, and they require ongoing work and therapy.  Progress, not perfection, is the goal each day.



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